Karuna 2020 Open Data

This repository contains all our data — contributors, donors, beneficiaries, and more, directly from the Airtable and Google Sheets databases we use as our central information repositories.

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📈 Data


The following endpoints come from our Airtable databases.

File Data CDN URL
summary.json Quick summary of important data API Endpoint
volunteers.json List of our volunteers.json API Endpoint
donations.json List of our donors API Endpoint
distribution.json List of food distribution API Endpoint
procurement.json Raw material procurement details API Endpoint
partners.json List of our partners API Endpoint
social-media-outreach.json Social media and blog posts API Endpoint

Google Sheets

The following endpoints come from our Google Sheets spreadsheets.

File Data CDN URL
amount-received.json List of financial contributors and amounts API Endpoint
amount-payable.json List of outgoing transactions API Endpoint
infrastructure.json List of our available infrastructure API Endpoint
sop-s.json Our SOPs (standard operating procedures) API Endpoint
concalls.json Summary of our conference calls API Endpoint
things-to-be-done.json List of things to be done API Endpoint

💡 How it works

API endpoint:

For example, the list of money raised is available at

👩‍💻 Development

Build TypeScript:

npm run build

Update data (triggered by GitHub Actions):

npm run update-data

📄 License

This data is available under CC BY 4.0.